b. 1986, HK.


Hello, nice to meet you.


Who am I?

Graphic designer based in Brussels. I have a master degree in graphic design and communication from the Erg. After my graduation, I expended my knowledge and experience at Raf Thienpont' studio (Brussels-Be) and Studio 5in1 (Brooklyn-USA).

In 2010 I opened my own studio in Brussels. Since then I have the chance to work on a large spectrum of exciting projects with various passionate clients.

Picture credit: Elodie Deceuninck


About my work process:

1* It's all about helping you create a strong relationship with the right audience.

2* Communication is a human interaction, it needs to be treated and understood at the humain level.

3* Graphic design is a strong tool. To be efficient it needs to be adapted, easy to use and memorable.

4* Understand the values of a project is the only way to create a unique graphic design solution.

5* Only good communication and trust between the client and the graphic designer can lead to a great project resolution.

6* Collaboration with passionates professionals is one of the most important keys of a project success.


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