RG Architectes


RG architectes

Identity definition, visual identity, logotype, stationery, website


Graphic design solution: Life, fluidity, warm, humans and respect was the main keywords we use to create the design solution for this project.

In this project the logotype and icon are the main elements. It was fully draws to evoke sensuality and movement, because of the ligature in the typography the eye travels easily from one letter to another.

The colors bring the concept of hearth and nature to the project. In the same idea the paper selected for the stationery add a beautifull texture and softness that resonates with the graphicals elements.

Project created in full collaboration with the talented Esther Poch.



Project: Founded by Alexandra Bautista, Architecture Vivante is dedicated to create spaces of life that are fully alined with the people that live in it. Their approche is to start any project understanding the history and need behind the client requests.
Based on that, every solutions imaginated will be related to the particularity of the clients’ needs.

Because of the way Alexandra sees architecture and all the activities in her life, it makes total sens to put life itself at the centre of her projects. This is why the name of the studio is "Architecture Vivante" (Living Architecture).