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Visual identity

Visual identity

This is the first impression, the recognition. The visual identity of your project is the sum of all the visual elements that your audience is going to be in contact with.



The central element of the visual identity, the logotype is the anchor point that holds the keys of the project's communication. The stronger yet simpliest element that communicates the project's values.


Web design

Your website is first a source of informations for your audience, it allows them to interact with your projects, and to find what they are looking for.



Business card, letterhead, invoices, etc. Paper is not dead and a beautifully printed card or a clear quotation is the best way to communicate your details oriented values.


Deck presentation

I help to structure the content, create a fluide flow and build strong visual supports for your presentations.

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A really important part of the visual communication for retails, designer, restaurant etc. It's the final touch to a brand experience.

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Editioral design

Magazines, folders, mailings, flyers, etc.


Social media visuals

To maintain a unity on all your social media accounts.

Brand definition

What are the values of a project? What to communicate, when, how and to whom? Thoses are hard questions to answer when you have the head in the game all day. I help you take a step back to clearify and simplify your project communication.

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